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Posted 15th March 2017

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep! Our School expanded today with the arrival of our baby chicks. Children in Early Years have been very eggscited! 

All yeargroups (and staff) have been to visit them. As well as being very cute, this is a real life learning opportunity for all of our children. 

Today, we visited the cute chicks and they were all different colours. There were brown ones and yellow ones. They were all nervous because we had never held them. Some were shaking and one fell asleep - they looked really cute when they were asleep. All of them had soft claws and they have an egg tooth (to help them get out of the shell). The egg tooth is white and I was shaking because I was nervous. My chick started chirping. The chick that Joseph was holding was sleeping in his hands but my one was really shaking and I was really scared.
The next day, I didn’t want to hold one but I did. I felt glad that I had held one because it was soft and cute.
By Grace.

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