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World Book Day

Posted 1st March 2018

We celebrated World Book Day by sharing our favourite poems. The poet who was due to visit our school had to postpone due to the snowy weather. We will look forward to meeting her soon.

Here is a poem written by one of our Year 6 children:

Tonwell is a primary school,

we use our learning as a tool

to help us when we are big and tall,

our teachers support us while we are small.

Knowing each child, growing each child is the motto of our school,

the teachers use it as a rule.

In God's love is the other part,

staying in school keeps us smart.

Even though students, there are only a few,

there's always something fun to do.

If you are feeling very sad,

you can rely on your friends to make you feel glad.

Our headteacher is quite new,

she knows exactly just what to do,

to help us learn, but keeps it fun

and is here to support everyone.

Tonwell teachers are the best!

They barely ever take a rest.

They are caring but kind

and help us to grow our minds.

We have breakfast club in the morning,

when we arrive, we are still yawning.

Mrs L greets us always with a grin

and wipes the jam off of our chin.

In school we love our sport,

we even have a netball court.

But football is the one we love to do,

whenever we have a spare minute or two.

We all join in with the Monday mile,

even though it takes us a while.

This helps to keep us fit,

and we love every bit.

Tonwell is a primary school,

It's my school and it's really cool!

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