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Oak Class May News

Posted 7th June 2021 Oak Class May News

In English the children read ‘The Promise’ where they used figurative language to write poems, used the contexts to write a newspaper report and then wrote their own adapted version of a narrative.

In Science we have been looking at ‘Understanding Plants’. They have named the different parts of flowering plants and explained their jobs, set up an investigation to find out what plants need to grow well, recorded their observations and presented the results of their investigation using scientific language and written instructions on how to plant a healthy plant.

In History we have looked at ‘Ancient Greece’. The children have looked at the timeline of ancient Greece, compared democracy in ancient Greece to the UK now, compared Olympic games and made comparisons between different states in ancient Greece.

In Art the children have created their own Greek patterns and created sketches of designs from pots that they then used to design their own Greek pot. Using clay, they made their Greek pot and painted their designs.

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