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Oak Class Sept News

Posted 27th September 2021 Oak Class Sept News

In Maths we have looked at place value of numbers and explored mental strategies and formal written methods for addition and subtraction.

In English the children looked at the story ‘And Tango makes three' where they sequenced events in the story. They wrote an informal letter about a day at the zoo after researching their favourite animals at London zoo. The children got into character with hot seating to help them write a diary entry. They planned and wrote a report on penguins and then finally planned and wrote a narrative in the style of ‘And Tango makes three'.

In Science our unit is ‘Light’ and they have identified a range of light sources and explained that they need light to see things and that dark is the absence of light completing a ‘feely bag’ activity. They then planned an educational programme to explain that light enables us to see and then performed their shows – they were very insightful!

In History our unit is ‘The Victorians’ and they have used historical sources to find out about the Victorian period. The children explained why Queen Victoria became such a popular monarch and found out about some famous Victorian inventions.

In PSHE we have looked at how having a positive attitude is good for our mental health. They have recognised and managed positive and negative thoughts by turning unhelpful and negative thoughts into helpful and positive thoughts. They used this to help them create a ‘Thought Superhero’. The children have looked at how having a positive attitude towards learning can help take on new challenges and they used this to create poster to illustrate this.

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