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Our Chair of Governors can be contacted at:

Our full Governing Body meet once a half term. In addition, we have a finance and resources commitee, who meet at least three times per year. All governors listed at attending committees have voting rights in these committees.

Kathy Dunnett

I work for Herts for Learning as a Governance Adviser and I am also a governor on 5 other boards.
I am really interested in Governance and I wholeheartedly believe that education can make a real difference in young people’s lives.
Prior to my role in Herts for Learning, my background was in health. I have worked in hospitals and in the community as a school nurse.
I have 3 grandchildren now, so still have a personal vested interest to support schools to be the best they can.

Sarah Bridgman

I have been on the Tonwell governing body since joining the school as Headteacher in September 2016.
Throughout my career, I have always taken an active role in governance, having been staff governor in my previous three schools over the past 17 years. I also volunteered as a co-opted governor at my local primary for two years.
When not in school, I love spending time with my young family, reading and sports.


Anne Sherman

I have joined Thundridge School as a governor in early 2021. I live in the village and am delighted to be able to contribute to the life of the school. My working life has had three stages:

- I was a teacher in comprehensive schools for fifteen years, latterly as a deputy head, curriculum.

· From there I moved into the commercial world while retraining in psychology and management development. After a few years I became Head of Management Training in PricewaterhouseCoopers (then Coopers & Lybrand).

· Finally, a former colleague and I built a psychology consultancy business, specialising in leadership development, coaching and team development across a range of industries and organisations.

There is a theme here of helping people develop themselves, whatever their stage of life! Outside work I have always liked to contribute my time in the area where I live. I have been a governor at Chauncy School and recently retired from a role as chair of a local housing association.


Mick Furness

I started my professional life as a policeman in Leeds before transferring to Her Majesty’s Prison Service, where I worked through all grades in several establishments across the country to become a Governor. Among my many hats was Prison lead for Race Relations training, Lifer management and Liaison, and National Offender Management Service. I managed a workforce of over 600 and a prison budget of £16 million. My governance experience covers two other schools, including one where I am still on the GB. I joined Thundridge to support developing the governing board in a small Church School and am Chair of Finance and Resources. As a grandparent of ten I think I have sufficient experience of children’s expectations in school and much enjoy seeing the excitement that new learning brings to them.


Joe Lock

Joe joined as a Governor at the end of 2019 after moving into the village of Thundridge. He has worked as an IT Systems Training Manager for the past 10 years and currently heads up training for a large Software company. Joe is keen to help both schools develop its digital communications and improve its website going forward.


Lynda McKenzie

 I am pleased to be a Foundation Governor at Thundridge and Tonwell St Mary's School. I am supporting RE and am one of the links to the church but also interested in History and SEND.
When I started my career as a secondary school teacher in 1973 my main concern was getting good exam results as proof that I could do the job. Whilst that continued as an aim my experience teaching in a large comprehensive school in south east London and at a secondary school in Hertfordshire made me realise that I had to take a much wider approach to both teaching my subjects and carrying out my pastoral role as a form tutor. I realised that if the learners were to succeed without any undue pressure they themselves had to become resilient, resourceful, reflective, independent, confident and happy learners.
I hope that my knowledge of formative assessment in learning how to learn combined with a knowledge of Inspections will make me a useful resource in the area of governance.


Naomi Murray

Also holds position as School Secretary & clerk at Bengeo and clerk at Little Hadham.

 Picture is coming soon


Vicky Harris 

 Information is coming soon

Matthew Clutterbuck

I have been on the Tonwell governing body since May 2019. I am the PE & PPG governor and a member of the Finance and Staffing committee.
In day to day life I’m a father of 2 daughters who both attend the school and I live in village of Tonwell, where I am also a local district councillor.
I am passionate about STEM where my role as an airline pilot for a major airline comes in useful.

Gill Pick

I have been a Governor at Tonwell St Mary’s since September 2019.
  I have been in governance since 2010, where I started as a parent governor at my children’s school and then onto another primary school within Hertfordshire. I have undertaken various roles, including Chair and Deputy Chair of Governors. 
  I have 3 children, 2 in secondary school and 1 in primary school. I am a local swimming teacher, but also a swim club coach, open water coach and pilates instructor. 
  I am passionate about children achieving their full potential both in and out of school life.



Pat Furness

2020 marks my fiftieth year in education: my early days teaching English in secondary schools, lecturing in FE; private all through school and penal education. I have worked with male prisoners of all categories in two establishments, heading Education in a Young Offenders. Finally, full time inspection was followed by retirement. Governance was a new venture 10 years ago, though I was a consultant trainer with Herts for Learning until this year. There are many challenges to being a governor and chair in particular, but the rewards exceed them and I look forward to working with the staff and developing a strong governing board at Thundridge.



Terms of Office and Pecuniary Interests


Date of appointment

Term of office

Who appointed them

Pecuniary interests or other governor roles

Mrs Debbie Cole

Mrs Diana Howarth

Mr Michael Levene

Mrs Julie Moorehead

Mr Michael Naylor

Rev. Robert Thompson


Stepped down 31.3.22 as part of changes due to federation



Mrs Sarah Bridgman 

01/09/2022 N/A

Executive Headteacher

Attends all committees

Nothing declared

Mr Matthew Clutterbuck

01/04/2022 01/04/2026


Finance & resources

Nothing declared

Mrs Kathy Dunnett





Attends all committees

Herts for Learning

Governor at Woolenwick Juniors, Hailey Hall, Robert Marks and Trustee at Generations

Mr Mick Furness

 01/04/2022  01/04/2026


Chair of Finance & resources

Governor at Edwinstree

Mrs Pat Furness



Vice Chair


Attends Finance & resources


Governor at Edwinstree

Miss Vicky Harris

 01/04/2022  01/04/2026  Staff Nothing declared
 Mr Joe Lock  01/04/2022  01/04/2026  Co-opted  Nothing declared
 Mrs Lynda McKenzie 01/04/2022  01/04/2026 Foundation

Nothing declared

 Mrs Anne Shearman 01/04/2022 01/04/2026


Nothing declared






Mrs Gill Pick is an associate governor with no voting rights and nothing declared, appointed on 01/04/2022.

Attendance at Meetings




Mrs D Howarth/Mr M Levene/Mr M Naylor



Mrs J Moorehead/Mrs G Pick



Rev. R Thompson/Mrs D Cole



Mrs S Bridgman


5/5 plus 1/1 F&R

Mr M Clutterbuck


5/5 plus 1/1 F&R

Mrs K Dunnett


5/5 plus 1/1 F&R

Mr M Furness


2/2 plus 1/1 F&R

Mrs P Furness


2/2 plus 1/1 F&R

Mrs V Harris



Mr J Lock N/A 2/2 plus 1/1 F&R
Mrs L McKenzie  N/A 2/2

Mrs A Shearman






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