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Our Christian Vision and Values


At Tonwell St Mary's our Christian vision and values are central to everyday life at the school. Leaders, including our governing body, use our vision as a basis for planning and decision making to ensure all children and adults in our school community can flourish. Our vision is shared with the partner school in our federation. 

'A community learning together in God's love'

Curiosity, Courage, Compassion

Our federation is a community where each person is known and valued. We are ambitious for all to develop our three 'C's, as well as Christian and British values.

We aim to enable everyone in our school community to:

Be interested in developing a love and independence for learning and be ready to try new things.

Be brave enough to make mistakes, have a go at challenges and try again.

Be kind showing respect and care to all.

We use the story of the Good Samaritan to illustrate our core values with children. Curiosity to learn about and from others, courageous advocacy to do what you know if right and compassion to support others.






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