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Oak Class November News

Posted 7th December 2020

In Maths we have looked at written column addition and subtraction method. They also looked at reading and writing the time and applying this to problems involving duration of time.

In English the children looked at the story ‘Biscuit Bear’ where they adapted their own version of the story for younger children. They also read the story ‘Wolves in the walls’ where they were able to write their own adapted version called ‘Elephants in the walls’.

In Science we started our new unit on ‘Sound’. The children have described and explained sound sources and delivered a presentation about how different sounds travel.

In Geography linking to our topic on ancient Egyptians, the children researched why the River Nile was so important. They will look at why the River Thames is so important and make comparisons on life by the River Thames to life by the River Nile.

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